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RPI World Conference 2021
Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Early 2021

The next RPI Conference will be held in conjunction with University of Newcastle Law School Restorative City initiative in early 2021.  We look forward to working with our partners to learn from and support the work they are doing in Newcastle.

Newcastle is located 2 hours north of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  This is easily accessible by freeway, train or short flight.  A wonderful place to visit, explore and part of the beautiful east coast of Australia.

Dates will soon be announced for abstracts and early bird registration.

We would love to see you there.

Our international conferences and local events are melting pots for influencers, ideas and policy development.

Our unique, multi-disciplinary conferences explore the broad spectrum of alternative conflict resolution processes, including both the latest developments within each discipline and the potential for cross-fertilisation and collaboration between approaches. Plenary sessions deal with issues of common concern while workshops enabled practitioners and policymakers within the various fields of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and restorative justice/practice to share learning and encourage innovation.

Great opportunity to meet other people working in the sector and to learn from them

Delegate RPI World Conference 2017

I liked opportunity to meet other people in the sector of disputes resolution both in RJ and Mediation

RPI Conference Delegate

Great presenters, flawless organisation. I enjoyed connecting with friends and making new ones and having a much more diverse range of areas present

RPI Conference Delegate

It was extremely well organized, all communication was very clear, and everything was on time. Perhaps one of the best-run conferences I have been to.

RPI Conference Delegate

The best thing was being able to network with others. Range of workshops was amazing! Thank you.

Delegate RPI World Conference 2017

Learning new things which I have already started to implement into my practice!

RPI Conference Delegate

The variety and knowledge of the people attending was fantastic and quite humbling for a novice mediator. I loved that it always gave me a lot to think about and that every speaker held my attention.

RPI Conference Delegate

The wide range of workshop topics and the opportunity to choose workshops that were outside my normal range of work.

Delegate RPI World Conference 2017


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